Triskele Farm is home to a very wide selection of animals, from Horses to Guinea Pigs, Regular Pigs to Tortoise - There is something for everybody! Why not take a look and see which one is your favourite!


We currently have 5 horses named Kiwi, Fin, Puzzle, Isla and Orla


We have a a large range of sheep and each one is different! Big ones, small ones, white ones, black ones. You choose!

Jersey Cows

We have two Jersey cows named Mooey and Louie. They're quite big, but they're gentle giants really!


Rams are male sheep with large curly horns. They are kept separate from the rest of the sheep and we have two of them! named Barry and Galaxy


We have two different breeds of pig at Triskele farm. 3 Wild boar and 4 kooney kooneys. 


We have a few different kinds of goats. Some are regular size and some are pygmy goats, meaning that they are a lot smaller!

Shetland Ponies

We have 4 Shetland ponies named Bertie, Carmella, Sky and Enzo!


You'll always see the chickens wandering around the site, but don't worry, they haven't escaped! There are too many different kinds to mention. See for yourself!


There are two duck families at Triskele Farm living next door to each other. They love having a paddle in the pond on sunny days! And rainy ones actually!


The rabbits are super cute and cuddly, but don't fall for it! They will try and escape at every opportunity, so keep that door closed!


Our two donkeys are the best of friends! Minnie and Vixen are inseparable.

Guinea Pigs

We have two new guinea pigs living at Triskele who love dandelions!


The tortoises love going for little walks outside, but they are faster than you might think!