Newsletter Spring II 2019

Another term has passed, settling back into school life was difficult at the beginning of term and we have all faced many difficulties together. I could not be more proud of the work that has been achieved by all our students and staff this term, here are some of our highlights.


Newsletter Winter II 2018

As we approach the end of term one we can reflect what a transformation the last 3 months have been. The school has expanded into Triskele farm which we reported last time and now in full flow with some exciting projects initiated with lots of students heavily involved.


Newsletter Winter I 2018

As we approach another half term we can reflect what an exciting time it has been. The school has expanded into Triskele farm which has now become part of the school. This has been a fantastic opportunity for our students. It has meant we welcome several new students this term and to support them some new staff.


Newsletter Summer I 2018

It has been an exciting time since the last newsletter. Much has happened.


Newsletter Spring II 2018

As the Spring term draws to a close I am pleased to report that we have had another exciting and productive term.


Newsletter Spring I 2018

This half term saw significant changes for Wessex Lodge School, a lot of work has gone into improving the school with the addition of a new classroom, staff area, the launch of our new middle school annex and the relocation of the school office.


Newsletter Autumn II 2017

Photography sessions have had us out and about in the community including Aisha and Nisha enjoying a trip to Shearwater and Nigel joining the girls at Heaven’s gate. Kayleigh and Aisha have been taking Winter Wonderland photographs with the Canon DSLR to make a portfolio


Newsletter Autumn I 2017

A great big thank you to all, students and staff at Wessex Lodge School for their continued efforts and hard work during this half term.