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Motocross and Enduro

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Motocross is a racing event. You and 30 other riders all line up at the starting line. When the gate drops you all race off. You race round a muddy track with a few man made jumps. It's normally 5 laps of racing within 10 to 20 minutes etc. Who ever comes 1st wins. Scrambling is old school motocross on older bikes.

Enduro is a competition event. You compete with yourself and others, but its not a race!!!

The aim of the competition is all about timing consistency. If you're late by a minute, or too early you lose points. Who ever has the most points wins. Enduro is much more difficult then motocross because its not just racing around the track, you've got lots more different terrain like sand, bog, forest, over big logs, obstacles, and loads more. It can vary between 3 or 5 miles etc. The Welsh 2 day Enduro is 300+ miles long, 8 hrs of non stop riding. The next day you ride it in reverse. Enduro is much longer, more technical and harder.

I've just started doing Motocross and Enduro. Last week I went down to Bovington Track n Trail Tenko Enduro. I did a 40 mile endurance competition. A few weeks ago I went to Devon Classic Scramble and camped for the weekend with a bit of scrambling. My dad is an Enduro and Motocross expert from years of training in the army and I want to be just like him. I absolutely enjoy riding my bike its very physical but I enjoy it.

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- Rhys Jopson

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