Our Policy:

At Wessex Lodge School, we work with children and young people who, due to early life trauma, struggle to engage with mainstream school settings. As a result, many of our students have negative associations with education, due to negative experiences of learning, so our view is to raise both academic and social/ emotional achievement whilst lessening anxiety around learning.

Our aims, in accordance with the Code of Practice (2014) are: 

  • To raise the aspirations and expectations for all our students with Special Educational Needs within our school.

  • To ensure that all students with SEN are fully integrated in to the life of the school and take a full part in all activities and represent the school in positions of responsibility within school and the wider community.

  • The views, thoughts and wishes of students and families will be actively sought and the planning and implementation of their support plan will be achieved collaboratively.

  • Our provision will be underpinned by quality first teaching, planned and delivered by the subject teacher, supported by a teaching assistant in class and targeted intervention support when required.

There are 4 broad areas defined in the Code of Practice that give an overview of the additional needs that we must plan for in school. Early intervention and planning is crucial to support students and we must always remember that every student is an individual, entitled to personalised support. 

Communication and Interaction

Cognition and Learning

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

Sensory and/or Physical Needs

The full policy can be viewed here