Smiling Mature Woman

"My boy has not been in school for over 3 years and he is now starting to come every day. This has had the biggest impact on my family's life in a really positive way"

"The staff really care and go above and beyond for her"

"He is a different boy at home now... Thank you"

"He is a different boy since he has been here"

Attractive Young Male

"It's the first time he has got up every morning and looked forward to school"

"She talks about school like its her home"

"We acknowledge the massive positive change in Wessex Lodge School and this is benefiting them."

"I wanted to write to say a MASSIVE thank you... You and your team have been instrumental in making this weekend and the start of the week less traumatic for them both."

Student Doing Homework

"110% better than any other school I have been to... And I've been to a lot"

"I've always disliked school, until I came to Wessex Lodge"

"It's not like a normal school. We get to spend time doing what we like doing and actually enjoying ourselves"

"This is easily the best school I've ever been to. I learn so much better on the farm because its something I actually enjoy doing."